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Pope Francis has already put it in a Nutshell:

Abortion is not a Human Right!

And that is too

no world novelty; that is something that man simply knows, because

he is alive himself and has not been aborted!

It is not relevant whether a strictly prohibited abortion by my person is known in this regard or not! An abortion is and will remain punishable in the highest spheres!

Ursula Empress

To the Chemist's Shops  and Medical Practises


 World-wide to the Population


Luebeck, Thursday, November, 28, 2002

Regulation(s) - Document checked in 2019

Free English translation.The German language document you may find here!


Germany, Sunday, December 01, 2002


My Dear Fellow Creatures!

Now also you will be informed about the existence of your Empress, who is presenting herewith a very clear regulation.

This regulation acts primarily from the unborn life and should be handed over to the population by the chemist's shops and medical practises.

Last Wednesday an Italian super gynecologist made public via the news, that he has cloned a human being.

Yesterday an operation of a newborn child was displayed via TV, who was marked with a very hard head distortion.

It was very dreadful to see, as a beautiful young mother looked at her daughter, lying in the little baby cot. The newborn one certainly was thought as an especially pretty child, however during the pregnancy also had to have been stopped in the evolution.

Who bears the blame for such a big misfortune; who did in such a way want something like this?

Your Empress realizes, that there can almost be nothing worse for a woman, than to bring a disfigured child into the world; these moments, which pass off in a woman, are indescribably alarming.

Questions arise and an answer is expected that must be true and may be no petty excuse for a woman and mother, who has got involved in life and has built on life.

Your Empress possesses unusual knowledge in many regards, which however may not be provided for everyone, only separate specific selective audiences may be allowed to have been notified; some gynecologists and some obstetricians will be included in this knowledge; other will have to close their practice.

The gynecologist remains the interlocutor for the women, whose are childless and are suffering from this status, in order to end this suffering.

An artificial conception or similar an unnatural impregnation are strict prohibited and will be punished! There is an only solution and this is the adoption of a new born, who has seen just the light of day.

On the one hand the humanity splashes in the genotype and on the other hand thousands of lives are aborted daily and with that immediately has to be stopped; immediately is end with the game „life or death“ and also with the play in uncertain spheres.

The mother, who has got a pregnant daughter in the age of 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16 years will have a serious talk by that gynecologist of her daughter.

Now the daughter has to risk her life by the injury of the parental responsibility of the parents, because the unborn life stays in every respect in a higher right on life and therefore has got priority in every situation; concerning this fact no contradiction and no discussion may arise.

You now have to inform the children, that the own life can also be threatened through sexual intercourse and in this respect will be no pardon and also cannot be given any pardon, so that children must be particularly protected and secured from the sex tourism and from a rape; that is valid for so many a child staying in a sick family life, too.

As a woman and mother, as well as a responsible teacher, you will have to draw attention to your and other children to this rule primarily * at school*!

Please, inform the parents about the rule, especially the mothers, those perhaps want to be reflected by their daughters and they forget, that the child has an own personality and must stay responsible for something, what the child cannot answer for it, actually, not at all!

The youth welfare departments or similar institutions *but only together with the true Clergy* are instructed in a manner also worldwide by an unambiguous injury of the parental responsibility, to give free the children for an adoption, because it will give genuine parents for these affected children, whose are also thought for every individual child.

Nevertheless, brothers and sisters must always stay together, the youth welfare department must take over this principle. Now, let me return to the chemist's shops and their generous dispensing of  dangerous medical drugs, which could damage the genotype, or the foetus, or the embryo,** with the unexpected possibilities and now, the Empress`s Cudgel is going to come up to that kind of rogue female, too, my dear fellow creatures, namely as follows:

Should a sick female risked to have given secretly a pregnant woman in any form medicine into the food or drinks, whereby the pregnant woman loses her child, will allow to have an abortion, because of a disfigurement of the child, or will bring a sick child in the world, with those kind of described sick female is dealt in a separated manner!

Such people normally have no place in God`s earth anymore and also not elsewhere, only a specific whereabouts would be possible for them.

This is also valid for females as a confidant, who have given drugs to the ones in the pre-way of a planned pregnancy. People, whose would have got a faith, have to know, that this kind of described ones must be lost.

The Cudgel of your Empress will hit so hard in this way, that pain must be permanent with every movement. After that, however, the Cudgel will hit once more, until this kind of female puts her paws onto the table, so that the Cudgel hits onto these paws with full momentum, to smash the paws.***

Some of such kind of women will have to pack their suitcases to disappear into another region to make the living, because, all of them will be characterized for a time.

Please, inform the population about it, so that these described women would be able to put their paws punctual onto the table, otherwise they perhaps will be hidden for death. It would only be actual right, if this kind of human being would have been enthralled equally in such a way, like an unborn one and then are dealt like described.

In the same way, however, should work it with those sick gynecologists and obstetricians, which want to approach to a woman’s genotype and property.

Similarly, your Empress will have to deal with humans around the world**, who put unnatural substances into the food chain or also consciously influence the oxygen chain accordingly, as it also can happen through X-rays in airplanes or it does by released atoms.

By too high radioactivity for an embryo the risk is given, to bring a disfigure child in the world, so that the Cudgel has to finished these states, too.

An unborn life, not in vain is isolated in an amniotic sac in a protected manner, so that a woman can be not careful enough to protect her genotype also e. g.  through contact with bleached tampons or panty liners and many disinfectants; not to forget the hand tool of a gynaecologist!

A gynaecologist has to check in every respect this care duty in the case of an inevitable sterile medical examination himself and must not transfer this duty to his assistants, since many people inward have diverged too far from right and wrong and many people have recognized, that the secure side became that „ devilish black side”.

Because the play with life and death is over, now the person must accept every life, which has originated, however, the person may hope accordingly really for a miracle.

On behalf of


HP: If the ordered universal means are working (Tick-Tack), the preventive medical check-ups onto the examination chair will be strict prohibited!

Document on the 29th of December, 2018 checked and complemented, if necessary. / 30th of December 2019 checked again./ 29th of January 2020/  27th of April.